Mountains Move  | Series Opening

IF  |  Series Opening

TEMPTED  |  Series Opening

Cinematography by David Tress.

(*motion graphics and compositing by artists at Favorite Color)

2014 Cinematography Reel 

Chase The Lion  | Series Opening - Animated

Long Story Short  | Series Opening - Animated

Altars  | Series Opening



© 2017 David Tress

Hey, I’m Dave Tress!  I’m a filmmaker and artist, with over ten years of professional experience filming and editing many corporate and commercial productions.  I currently live in Washington, D.C. developing creative content for National Community Church.    I’ve been employed at ID8 Creative in Vestal, NY and their sister company Favorite Color in NYC, working with clients such as HBO, York Peppermint Patty, The History Channel, Johnson at Cornell University, EBay Enterprise, and Stryker Orthopedics.  In addition to my full time job, I’ve done freelance design and illustration, as well as creating my own short films. 

            I graduated Suma Cum Laude from Ohio’s The Columbus College of Art and Design, with a BFA in the “Time Based Media Studies” program (now known as Cinematic Arts, which is way more descriptive).  During my studies I was also very involved with student life as an RA in the resident halls, and served as President of the Student Programming Board.  In college I did internships in production at JPL Productions in Harrisburg, PA, and editing at SOS Communications in Columbus, OH.  I’ve continued my art education post college, with Storyboarding and Character Design courses taught by instructors working at Pixar and DreamWorks.